How Does Homeopathic Treatment Work?

The primary intention of homeopathic treatment is to arouse the natural capacity for healing inherent in every living creature. The remedies do not do the actual work of healing in the same way that conventional medicines bring about their effects. Conventional medicines are typically very narrowly focused in their action and bring about specific biochemical changes that result in a lessening of the targeted symptom. The medicine usually must be taken regularly to maintain this effect; otherwise, the symptoms may recur. Homeopathic remedies are usually given infrequently, since they function only to awaken a natural capacity to heal. This can result in a true healing of the underlying illness, even for chronic conditions of long duration.

Because the prescriptions are completely individualized based on the total symptom picture and not a specific disease, it is stressed that homeopathy does not treat any particular disease. No homeopath can say, “I have cured migraine headaches or hypertension or any other disease.” It can only be said that homeopathy treats patients, not diseases. If the prescription is correct, the particular illness in that patient is very likely to improve along with their general level of health. However, the prescription was not based on a particular diagnosis, it was based on the total symptom picture, ie the patient.
Homeopathic treatment is not FDA approved for any specific illness.

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