What is the Homeopathic Materia Medica ?

The Materia Medica is a compilation of all the homeopathic remedies and a detailed description of the symptoms covered by each one.  It is being continually expanded as homeopaths throughout the world study different substances to determine their therapeutic action.  A well studied remedy whose action has been confirmed independently by expert homeopaths around the world is then included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States

To begin with, a chosen substance undergoes a proving.  This is a lengthy process which must be conducted with meticulous care under the supervision of a highly knowledgable and experienced homeopath.  A group of subjects in good health from different age groups, both sexes and different ethnic backgrounds undergoes a detailed evaluation of their baseline state of health.  They then take the remedy being studied according to a protocol determined by the supervising homeopath.  Each subject is responsible to meticulously record any changes in his or her  health.  Any change, no matter how peculiar or slight is recorded.  The subjects are evaluated regularly, and at the conclusion of the proving - which may take several months or longer - all this information is analyzed and a symptom picture will emerge.  A well conducted proving will provide several hundred verified symptoms on every level of health and in most organ systems.  This knowledge will expand as the new remedy is used clinically.  The symptom pictures of remedies initially proved by Dr. Hahnemann have expanded over the last 200 years to now include over 20,000 verified symptoms in some cases.

There are quite a few Materia Medicas available in print and online and on youtube

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