The Principle of Similars

© 2009 Dr. Peter J. Prociuk, M.D. All Rights Reserved

During the course of his experiments, Dr. Hahnemann understood The Principle or Law of Similars which states:  If the total symptom picture a remedy produces experimentally is similar to the total symptom picture of the natural illness in which a patient presents, that remedy will act curatively for the patient.  In other words if the action of a remedy is similar to the action of an illness, it will act to arouse the natural healing capacity of the patient.  This defies common sense but has been confirmed by millions of successful prescriptions throughout the world for over 200 years.

This is exactly contrary to the principle of opposites on which conventional medicine is based.  They work in opposition to the action of an illness.  This does arouse the natural healing capacity of the patient.  It will only suppress the symptom(s) targeted by the medicine which in effect suppresses or weakens the vital energy of the patient.

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