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A Biomedical Approach To Autism Spectrum Disorders

Since 2002, I have approached Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) with methods used by the Defeat Autism Now! network of physicians. Since then, I have treated hundreds of children using this approach with satisfying results. Almost all children respond to varying degrees to this approach, and a few have even recovered to the point where they are no longer diagnosed on this spectrum.

During the 1990’s, I saw an increasing number of children who had developmental challenges. Homeopathic treatment alone did not bring a satisfying degree of improvement for many of these children. It became apparent to me that there was a very high toxic burden in them that required other methods to effectively treat them.

Treating toxic overload in autistic children

In this approach, autism is seen essentially as a condition of toxicity, and the primary aim of treatment is to reduce this toxic burden and the inflammatory changes caused by it. Dietary changes, nutritional supplementation and detoxification methods all have this as the ultimate goal, as well as supporting the healing of inflamed and damaged tissues.

Start with dietary changes

A gluten free/casein free diet is an essential starting point. If you are considering pursuing a biomedical approach with your autistic child, I strongly encourage implementing this diet, even prior to your initial visit at my office. Up to 75% of children will improve in their mental status and/or bowel function with this step alone. When used along with digestive enzymes and probiotics, bowel function can often normalize. Proper bowel function is the initial point for these children to start recovering. Other dietary adjustments may be required on an individual basis, but these adjustments should be pursued only after the gluten free/casein free diet has been successfully implemented.

The most common mistake in initiating treatment of autistic children is trying too hard. It has to be done in stages which are manageable for both the child and the parents. Trying to do it too quickly is a setup for frustration and failure. There is a big learning curve in implementing this lifestyle change, and it requires the support of the entire family.

Long term commitment-- long term goals

Parents embarking on this path must realize that it is a long term commitment over a period of years. I do not usually need to see the children frequently (only two to three visits per year, in most cases), but the methods have to be consistently applied over a prolonged period to maintain the benefits. Over the course of treatment, I will suggest modifications according to individual conditions and needs. You will also have to become familiar with a whole new body of knowledge, which should be approached at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Disclaimer: It must be clearly understood that autism is a psychiatric diagnosis for which there currently is only one FDA approved medication, resperdal. The methods described above do not treat this diagnosis and should in no way be construed as such. However, it has been observed that the psychiatric function of these children can improve noticeably by correcting the underlying physical pathology which is the aim of biomedical intervention. This is not a substitute for various therapies appropriate for these children or for conventional psychiatric or neurologic treatment which some may require.