Whether you are an established patient or someone new looking for alternative care and an experienced provider, I hope the time you spend here will satisfy the questions you have about my practice and homeopathy.

I am a licensed physician (M.D.) with Board Certification in Internal Medicine. For ten years, I practiced traditional western medicine in different medical institutions. This includes working as the Assistant Director of the Intensive Care Unit as well as in the Emergency Rooms of inner city and suburban Philadelphia hospitals. 

In 1992 I decided on homeopathy as a career.  Conventional medicine offered nothing substantial to help people recover their health from chronic illnesses.  The pharmaceutical model doesn’t recognize the natural healing instinct present in all living organisms and writing prescriptions to suppress symptoms became irreconcilable as a career.

Over the last 20+ years I have treated many thousands of patients homeopathically, from every age group with a wide variety of conditions. This experience along with a medical background as an internist has broadened my abilities to  understand patients’ medical conditions and what

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prescription drugs can or can’t do. My homeopathic experience allows me to see where alternative approaches are possible. I also have a background in nutrition, the use of supplements, and preventative lifestyle management, and can offer advice in this regard, as well.

Homeopathic treatment can only be effective with a solid partnership between the physician and patient. The atmosphere in my office is safe, private and non-judgmental. My job is to listen to your story intently and ask questions which give us both an understanding of what really needs to be healed. Nothing you say is either unimportant or irrelevant.  The spontaneous expressions describing the experience of an illness are often the best clue of the required remedy as are your own intuitive understandings.

Since 2002, I have been treating Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) with methods used by the Defeat Autism Now! network of physicians. I have treated hundreds of children using this approach with satisfying results. Almost all children respond in varying degrees to this method, and a few patients in my own experience have recovered where they are no longer on this spectrum.  To learn more about my treatment of autistic children, please see Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders

I hope you enjoy touring this website.  Please feel free to make any comments that will help us make it better.

To your health -

Dr. Peter Prociuk is very happily married to his loving wife Heather and is blessed to be a father to three wonderful daughters --- Sarah, Amma and Kate.

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